15 to 18 years


Career & Maturiy

At Knysna Montessori High School education goes beyond academic excellence.

Montessori felt that high schools developed the intellect but did not concentrate to the same degree on guiding young persons to independence and the ability to adapt to social life. At Knysna Montessori High School education goes beyond academic excellence; it nurtures social competence, independence, self-discipline and a solid work and moral ethic.

At the Knysna Montessori High School, the encouragement of appropriate behaviour and ethics is part of the process of preparation for the world beyond school, where good manners, tolerance, respect and the mentorship of peers are promoted amongst learners. A policy of no cell phones at school to encourage real social interaction is an example.

The class: “Specialised explorers”

These young persons are “Specialised explorers” and a career should have potential both for individual financial reward and for making a meaningful contribution to society. Parents and teachers help students to know their strengths and weaknesses so that career choices are made through self-knowledge. Specialist teachers are responsible for different learning areas.

The Knysna Montessori School caters for 60 students within the 15-18 age. From Grade 10 level a more formal uniform is worn to promote an awareness of grooming, which enhances self-esteem and confidence, and helps prepare learners for a business environment.

Independent Examination Board (I.E.B.)

Our students write the final matriculation examination of the Independent Examination Board (I.E.B.) This is the examination written by most South African Independent Schools. It is accepted internationally as a university entrance qualification. At KMS small classes with individual attention are an advantage as Grades 10 – 12 prepare for this important qualification. A 100% pass rate has been achieved since the school’s first Matric class wrote in 2008, due in no small measure to the close-knit, supportive environment provided by the school.

Boarding is available for all High School learners from further afield. Daily transport between George and Knysna is available.
The daily programme:

Students choose their matric subjects including the four compulsory subjects of English (Home Language), Afrikaans (First Additional Language, Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy and Life Orientation. They then choose three of the following additional matric subjects Life Science (Biology), Physical Science, History or Geography, Business Studies, Visual Art or Design and Computer Application Technology. Maths paper 3 and Additional Maths are also an option as extra subjects. Their daily programme is built around their chosen subjects and students are required to choose a minimum of 7 subjects.

Sport and extra-mural activities:

Sport is an important component of the school curriculum as it encourages team spirit and sportsmanship. It is compulsory for all learners to participate in two sports per term, choosing from soccer, netball, cricket, swimming and adventure racing amongst others. There is also a 360 Ball court which is available for the High School learners to use. A range of cultural and community activities are also available, including Ballroom Dancing, First Aid, Chess and participating in the Knysna Montessori’s Interact Club.


The Knysna Montessori School Boarding House is the only Montessori Boarding House in Southern Africa and was established in 2004. The environment and its facilities have proven to be an outstanding success. It houses happy, busy students, in an informal, vibrant, co-operative and creative atmosphere. Our Boarding House currently has space for 34 boarders.

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