The Knysna Montessori School Boarding House is the only Montessori Boarding House in Southern Africa and was established in 2004.  The environment and its facilities have proven to be an outstanding success.  It houses happy, busy students, in an informal, vibrant, co-operative and creative atmosphere.  Our Boarding House currently has space for 34 boarders, and accepts students from Grade 7 upwards.



The current value of the pocket money/cheque book for weekly boarders is R250 per term. This money must be paid in to either the Class Teacher or at the office.  A personal school cheque book will be issued to each student.  Students may not carry cash, but must write out cheques to pay for purchases from the Eco shop or lost property, fines, etc.  Money not used will be refunded to the student at the end of the term.  Please note that this rule is in place to help the child to learn to budget. By supplementing this with extra cash or tuck you are hampering your child’s achievement of this life skill. Full time boarders should have a reasonable cap on their ATM cards to help support us in teaching them this life skill. Students may not keep money in their dorms.  All money must be handed into the Hostel Parent or the school office for safekeeping.


Please read and note Policy on Cell Phones – under Hostel Rules below.

Parents may contact students on 044-3821009 between 15h00 – 17h30.

Hostel Staff may be contacted in emergency on 0742884453


Beginning of term:

Students must check in to hostel between 16h00 and 18h00 on the evening before term starts or 07:30 on the first day of term.


We try to encourage the children to eat healthily but we know that teenagers are always hungry.  Therefore a tuck-box may be provided but:

  • Food may only be consumed in the dining area
  • No food may be kept in the Dorms
  • A tuck-box/toolbox must be provided to store special foods/for school parties – this may be accessed daily between 15h00 – 17h00.


Weekly boarders may not stay over in the hostel during the weekend, or part thereof, except in an emergency.  Please request permission from the hostel mother in advance.  Extra meals and accommodation costs will be charged accordingly.

Check in:  Students may return on Sunday evening between 17h00 – 19h00, or alternatively by 07h30 on Monday morning. (Breakfast is served at 07h15 sharp.  No latecomers will be served.)

Check out: Students may be collected from 14h00, and no later than 15h00 on Fridays unless they have community duties to fulfill (e.g. Market duty) or school work to finish.  It is the student’s responsibility to inform the parent if for any reason they have to stay later on a Friday.


NB:  No student may sign him/herself out.

  • Your child must be signed in/out when arriving or departing from hostel, including when leaving the premises for an extra mural activity.
  • No child may leave with a friend unless the parents of both students have granted permission and notified hostel mother.
  • No child may leave the school grounds on weekdays, unless the hostel mother has granted permission, so parents please notify her regarding your child’s extra mural activities in writing.
  • Please note: No visitors allowed during the week.


School sport for the 12-15yr olds is between 14h00 & 15h00 Monday to Thursday.  It is compulsory for ALL students to attend their term sport lessons. Should a student wish to attend an extra-mural activity, parents are asked to provide a letter at the beginning of term, stating activity and times to hostel mother. This may occur on a maximum of two afternoons a week.  It is preferable if you transport your child to and from extra mural activities, however if you are unable to, a hostel parent will take your child and a petrol cost will be charged to your account.


Please adhere to the clothing list.

Jewellery permitted: small rings or studs (one) in each ear. One wrist watch.

Hair: must be neat and not hanging in the eyes. Hair touching the collar and longer must be tied back. Hair cuts can be arranged and billed accordingly.

Make up: no make-up or nail varnish.


CLOTHING LISTWeekly BoardersFull-time Boarders





School Golf Shirts





School short or skorts5252
School tracksuit pants2323

High School: Grade 10-12 Girls:

Girls beige pleated skirt

White Golf Shirt

Blue V-neck s/s jersey

Blue Blazer

Flat black closed shoes

























High School: Grade 10-12 Boys:

Beige Chinos

White Golf Shirt

Blue v-neck  s/s jersey

Brown Bronx Shoes





















School Fleece top12 or 323
Rain Jacket (Navy blue)1111
School Hat/Cap11
Pairs of socks (White)5588
School tackies (white/navy) or Bata sports shoe2222
Brown leather sandals (optional)11
Gum boots1111
Night Gown (Optional)1111
Laundry Bag/Basket1111
Set Casual Clothes4466
Old Casual Clothes for Camps & Rough WearWhen necessary22

Royal Blue Sport Shorts2222
School sports shirt4444
Swimming Costume11
Swimming Towel11
Tennis Racket1111
Hockey Stick11
Hockey/Soccer Socks (Royal Blue with White Stripe)22


Fitted Sheet1122
Duvet Cover1122
Bath Towel2222

All clothing and footwear must be clearly marked with the child’s name. It is recommended to have your labels printed and sewn into each item.

NO ELECTRIC BLANKETS. A hot water bottle in winter is optional.


Toilet bag, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Shampoo, Soapbox, Soap, Sponge/Facecloth, Deodorant, Hairbrush/Comb, Razor, Nail Scissors, Hair dryer (optional)


All medication must be handed in to the hostel mother to be administered.              


Room Inspection:

Inspection is at 7h05 on week mornings. Rooms and cupboards must be tidied, beds made and laundry (clean/dirty) stored correctly. Students must be in their own dormitories during inspection.

Exceptions: Servers need to have dormitories ready for inspection by 7h00.

Consequence for non-compliance (including not being in the dormitory for inspection): a red mark is issued.

Anyone found to have or be in possession of an illegal or dangerous item, shall have it confiscated and a black mark will be issued.

Setting Duty:

When on setting duty, setting has to be done according to the setting-duty list.

Setting duties: wiping and cleaning tables after breakfast, and supper; stacking and cleaning tea dishes at 5pm.

Exceptions:  None

Consequence:  If setting has not been done up to standard, the teacher may allocate the setters

to repeat the duty the following day.

Meal times:

Breakfast is at 07h15. Lunch is according to timetable.

Supper is at 18h30 in Summer and 18h00 in Winter.

Exceptions: Approved extra-mural activities. Must be signed out and indicate if meals need to be kept.

Consequence: Late comers to meals are given one red mark.

Tea Time:

Tea time is from 3:30-4:00pm daily, which includes the making of tea or coffee. Setters to stack and clear tea areas at 4:00pm.

Exceptions: Latecomers may ask the duty teacher’s permission.

Consequence: One red mark for having early or late tea.

Bed Time:

Quiet time is from 9:15pm, Monday to Thursday.

Lights out and sleep time is from 9:30pm, Monday to Thursday.

Exceptions: If Seniors need extra time for work and ask permission, it may be granted by the Hostel Parent.

Consequence:  Red Mark

School boundaries:

Boundaries are set as follows:

  • The road in front of the hostel is out of bounds unless leaving the hostel with an adult.
  • The alley way between the hostel and the Music Room is out of bounds.
  • The school buildings are out of bounds except during school hours or with permission from a hostel parent, including the deck near the Eco shop.
  • The Junior playground, tennis court may be used after 17:15, when aftercare is closed for the day. The fence surrounding this area is the boundary. No day scholars are permitted in the dormitory.
  • No boy may enter the girl’s hostel and vice-versa for any reason whatsoever.

At times, as a privilege, the hostel parents may allow students to play soccer on the sports field outside of hostel boundaries or perhaps go for a bicycle ride or run. At least two students must be together at all times, one of which must be a Senior Student who will take responsibility for those leaving the premises.


1)      A responsible senior student gains permission from staff on duty, and their cell phone for this time period.

2)      Signs out all students going with them in the sign-out book entering their cell phone number and giving a time             frame for when they are leaving and when they will return.

3)      Takes responsibility for all students in their care, and report any problems to the staff on duty when necessary.

4)      No visits to public facilities i.e. shops etc.  This is merely a sport privilege.

Exceptions: None

Consequence: Black mark for breaking boundaries and not receiving permission.


  • Students leaving school premises during the week or at the end of the weekend MUST be signed out by an adult. If meals are to be kept, it needs to be indicated in the book.
  • The cell phone number of the person responsible MUST be filled in.
  • Strict adherence to return time is essential. If students are unable to return on time, the hostel parent on duty MUST be contacted to make alternative arrangements.
  • Students are allowed to be signed-out on birthdays, and must be returned by 21h00 that night.

Exceptions: Permanent boarders leaving for extra-murals may be signed out by the hostel parent on duty.

Consequence: Failure to sign-out as stipulated will result in a black mark.

Cell phones:

Please hand in cell phones at 8:15pm on Sunday nights, or first thing on Monday mornings for those that weren’t at hostel for the weekend. Cell phones will be handed out on Fridays when the teacher on duty arrives between 2pm and 2:15 pm.

Exceptions: Seniors (Grade 10, 11 & 12) are allowed to have their cell phones from 4 – 6pm during weekdays. All cell phones should be handed in at supper time. Sociability will be monitored closely as well as sport attendance. If cell phone usage has a detrimental effect on taking part in hostel and school activities, the privilege will be taken away from the specific person.

Consequence: Not submitting cell phones at the allocated time will result in phones being confiscated as deemed necessary by the hostel parent on duty.


Laptops are allowed as a privilege only and it is mainly allowed for research and projects. Seniors may only use their laptops between 4 and 6pm. It remains the right of the teacher on duty to monitor the use of laptops. During prep time seniors may only use laptops for project and school related work.

Exceptions: None

Consequence:  Not following the rules of laptops will result in the laptop being confiscated for a period of time, as deemed necessary by the hostel parent on duty.


We would like to remind parents that all electronic goods brought to the school by your children is at their own risk, as well as valuable items such as bicycles, surfboards etc., and must be insured through your own personal insurance. Whilst all reasonable precautions will be taken to ensure the safety of your children’s electronic goods/personal items, we cannot be held responsible should any loss or damage be sustained.

Physical contact and behaviour:

The school is a working environment and the hostel a family community. Inappropriate physical contact is unacceptable. The hostel parents on duty are responsible for guiding students in terms of appropriate and inappropriate behaviour.

Exceptions: None


Once mentoring or a warning has been given, if the behaviour or action still continues, a red mark will be given in each instance.


Any form of bullying will be dealt with in accordance with the school policy.

Exceptions: None


Once mentoring or a warning has been given, if the behaviour or action still continues, a red mark will be given in each instance.


  • Weekend meeting takes place at 14h30 on a Friday. All students who are staying for the whole weekend, or part of the weekend must attend this meeting.
  • Duties for cooking and cleaning will be set at this meeting.
  • Details of weekend plans and times for visiting and outings with friends must be given to the hostel parent on duty by Friday morning.
  • Permanent boarders must get permission from their parents in writing for any outings or visits.
  • Arrangements with parents of friends’ need to be made telephonically or in person with the Hostel Parent. The adult must sign out the child on departure.
  • When cooking and cleaning duties have been completed, the kitchen needs to be in perfect condition for the next meal.
  • Staff on duty may take students to town for shopping, or on an outing to the beach at their discretion but excessive vehicle use is not acceptable.

Exceptions: If unable to attend this meeting, apologies must be given to the hostel parent on duty.


  • Not making necessary arrangements for outings and visits within the boundaries set out above will be considered breaking boundaries, and will result in a black mark.
  • Failure to do cooking and cleaning duties to the expected standard will result in taking the next duty on the list.


The School’s Code of Conduct for learners, is based on the rights and the responsibilities of each student.  The “hostel requirements and rules”, includes the “uniform list” and forms a part of the hostel rules and regulations.

Be treated with respect.Treat others with respect and show courtesy at all times
Attend school/leave school.Attend school daily and be punctual for all classes. The student understands that failure to ask permission to leave school or receive final sign out is a serious breach of the code.
Express opinions verbally or in writing.Express opinions in a civil and non-confrontational manner, without the use of obscenity or personal attack.
Expect school to be a safe environment.Conform to all rules and regulations, and inform staff of any infringement of rules which may endanger the safety of others.
Expect a reasonable degree of privacy regarding lockers, bags etc & protection from inappropriate seizure thereof.To have no prohibited items on personal or school property, which may result in lawful search, and/or seizure thereof.
Expect to receive fair and reasonable consequences of violation of school rules.Be familiar with all rules and regulations, and accept fair and reasonable punishment when in violation of those rules.
Lay complaint about school-related personal loss, injury, misinterpretation or inequitable application of an established policy governing learners.Attempt to resolve problem in a courteous manner with party involved, and if not possible, take the complaint further to a staff member or school management.
Participate in approved school activities off campus.Recognize that all school rules and regulations continue to apply to participants in off-campus  school activities.
Expect academic performance to be the only criterion for the awarding of  academic grades.Attend all classes, complete all assignments, participate in all class-related activities, to the best of the learner’s ability.
Assemble peacefully.Assemble at appropriate time by arrangement with management, and refrain from participation in activities which would interfere with operation of classroom or school.
In accordance with Montessori Philosophy, be free of discrimination, bullying, racial, ethnic, religious, personal or sexual harassment from learners or staff .Be familiar with the rules regarding discriminations and harassment. Question a staff member or management if in doubt.
Remember that these rules are made for:
  • The convenience and well being of everyone at hostel.
  • Your safety and security which is of prime importance to those responsible for you in your parent’s absence.

You are most welcome to discuss or query any aspect of the information contained in this Brochure. Should you wish to do so, please do not hesitate to contact the office and make an appointment to see the Head Directress, Sonia Heaton.


 We are above all, a happy school, and we extend a warm welcome to you and your child as new members of our Knysna Montessori School.

Head of Hostel:              Mrs B Browson & Mr M Brownson

Support Hostel Staff:    Mr & Mrs C Scholtz

Hostel Staff:

Monica Mqolombeni        School Chef

Leonie Phillips                   Kitchen Assistant/Cleaner

Portia Booi                         Kitchen Assistant/Cleaner

November 2014© Knysna Montessori School

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Goukamma 1Celebrating birthdays! Goukamma is magnificent for a braai and outdoor fun. We played “touch rugby”, cricket, had bats and balls and also played 30 seconds. Some children braved the cold water and the boat ride! Goukamma2