6 to 9 years

Chess Picture“The secret of good teaching is to regard the child’s intelligence as a fertile field in which seeds may be sown, to grow under the heat of flaming imagination.” – Dr Maria Montessori

The years of moral development.

During this age, children begin to awaken to other humans and outer aspects of life. The emphasis is on self-discipline and building character, including manners, courtesy and grace. It is also a period of learning fairness and it is therefore an excellent time to teach children rules of games. They are typically “black-and-white” thinkers, with little grey area.

There is now a very clear distinction between reality and fantasy. Their intellectual curiosity is limitless. Imagination, exploration and research are very important. This is usually taught through five great stories or timelines which are loosely connected and broadly based, helping children to form a picture of their place in the universe.

The class:
The Knysna Montessori School caters for 60 students at this level, with three directors and an assistant. Each directress is allotted a register group and specializes in one particular area – maths, language or cultural subjects. In addition there is an assistant teacher to help with reading.

The daily programme:
The programme includes: Morning ring followed by a three hour work cycle, involving Maths, English and Culture (research of all subjects as presented in the timelines). It continues with Music, Art, Afrikaans and Sport. Continual assessments and regular tests assure that each child is achieving the standards required.

Class starts at 8:00am sharp and children are free to go home from 2:00pm onwards.

The programme is balanced with outings to places of interest. Drama is encouraged and all children take part in the annual play, as well as celebrating festival days. Children are encouraged to play chess and other board games in the class, when work is complete. The 6 – 9 playground is designed to encourage balance, large muscle co-ordination and ball skills.

Sport and extra-mural activities:
The 6 – 9 year olds grow rapidly in height and often becomes clumsy and un-coordinated. Sport rectifies this and ball skills are essential to develop a love of sport. Summer sports include cricket, tennis, swimming and athletics, and winter sports are hockey, netball and soccer.

Other sports and extra mural activities available to this age group are: musical instrument lessons such as recorder, piano and guitar, drama and tennis.


KnysnaMontessoriSchool offers aftercare for children in both the pre-school and Primary school. This takes the form of supervised play in the safe and secure environment of the preschool/school. A drink and healthy snack are available for every child remaining in aftercare.

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