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There are so many interesting and entrepreneurial Montessori-educated persons making a difference in the world! Just a handful of the more well-known names . . . Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google) , Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Love in the Time of Cholera), Anne Frank, and of course the Princes William and Harry! The Montessori system of education focuses on fostering independence, service to the community, and definitely independent thinking and the creative expression thereof. Of course, we all know that you don’t have to be famous to be doing something meaningful!  Knysna Montessori School shares some news of our very own alumni who are out there creating their unique success stories . . .

Darren Johnston (class of 2008) is currently working as Assistant Manager at Four Seasons Hotel, Boston; this after completing his MBA.

Lucas Liepner (2008) is part of a specialist team assigned to problem solving at Standard Bank in JHB.

Jessica Crewdson (2009) is a First Officer Pilot flying German and French troops and precious metals from areas in the Sahel, in addition to UN World Food Programme flights. Based in Bamaka, Mali.

Michael Edwards (2012) has completed his BA honours degree in accounting and currently works as an Auditor at KPMG in Cape Town.

Megan Hattingh (2012) has completed her BA honours degree in accounting and currently works at an accounting firm.

Ninsiima Twekye (2012) is currently working as a junior planner in Milnerton / Century City after completing an MA in Urban and Regional Planning.

Candice Yoko (nee Hall, 2012) is currently working as an Intern at KMS whilst completing her BA degree in Psychology. Candice is planning to start her PGCE in Education in 2019.

Christopher Yoko (2012) has completed an MA in DNA profiling and is currently working as a Senior Quality Control analyst at Thermafisher Scientific in the United Kingdom.

Desire Pretorius (2015) is studying third year BA Drama and Theatre at the University of the Free State.


Josh Crewdson:
Josh has taken to his passion like a duck to water and loving his second year at Silwood Culinary School, where he is now busy with his practical blocks and currently at the very zooch La Colombe in Constantia.

James Erasmus:
Uber talented James Erasmus, who started his culinary career way back and also spent some time at La Colombe before he went across to the UK, where he is now a part of the highly acclaimed Michelin 2 star The Ledbury in London – amazing achievement.

Campbell Easton:
KMS congratulates Campbell Easton (KMS Matric 2010) on receiving an award for the best-written script for his student group’s radio show in the broadcasting section of their course. Campbell also produced the show, and has recently completed his second year in a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Media Studies and Philosophy at Rhodes University. He is one of only 18 students accepted for a television course in his third year. To view Campbell and his group’s end product, go to and select Democracy

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