15 to 18 years

The years of academic independence and focus, increased social stability, awareness and maturity.

The 15 – 18 year olds are well on their way to adulthood and being prepared to enter society. The older adolescents master articulation and analysis and move towards meta-cognition; the pragmatic solution to problems. They are more emotionally stable, their interpersonal relationships become more consistent and they achieve a moral maturity.
Montessori felt that high schools need to guide young persons to independence and adapt them to social life, in conjunction with developing their intellect.

Parents and teachers assist students to know their strengths and weaknesses to help them to gain self-knowledge and guide them in their career choices. These students also study the Montessori Philosophy and stages of development to advance their self-knowledge and help them interact with younger children.

The Knysna Montessori School Matrics write the final matriculation examination of the Independent Examination Boards (IEB). This is the examination written by most South African Independent Schools. It is accepted by Universities internationally as a Matric qualification. The language of instruction is English.

 High School Staff (15-18)

Mr G Claassen        Mathematics, Physical Science, Accounting

Mrs D Ross Miles    Life Science, CAT, Geography, LO

Mrs N Ballan            English, HL, Life Orientation

Mrs M Nigrini           Afrikaans FAL, Math Lit, Business Studies

Mr H Nigrini             Geography

Ms A Knox               Visual Art, Design, History

Mr P Vieyra             Mathematics, CAT


The class:

Classes at this level are run more in line with traditional teaching, where a timetable is followed and students change classes according to their subject choices. Students are encouraged to study and think independently and teachers are facilitators of learning.
This environment caters for 20-25 students per grade within the 15-18 environment with specialized subject teachers.


There are 4 Compulsory subjects:

  • English Home Language
  • Afrikaans First Additional Language
  • Life Orientation
  • Mathematics

There are 4 elective streams available, of which any three must be chosen. One subject per stream may be chosen. Only choose a fourth stream if you intend on having an extra subject.  (Please circle the subject of your choice)

Biology (Life Science)

Physical Science           or          Geography

Visual Art                       or          Accounting

Computer Applications Technology (CAT)     or              Business Studies

Please note:

  • *Information Technology can be offered at an extra cost (±R6800 per annum)
  • CAT and IT will require learners to have their own Laptop computers.

Minimum Hardware Specification:  i3 Processor, 4Gb of RAM

Minimum Software Specification: Microsoft Office 2010 or newer, incl. MS Access.

  • Restrictions: IT and CAT may not be taken together

The daily programme:

The daily programme is run as per timetable. The programme is balanced with educational outings and tours, relating to their subject choices.

Sport and Interact:

Every student has to take part in sport at least twice a week. Sport is a pre-requisite for Life Orientation and counts towards the student’s end of year results.

Summer Sports: Swimming, Cricket, Adventure Racing, Athletics
Winter Sports: Netball, Hockey, Soccer, Adventure Racing

These young persons are “specialised explorers” and a career should have potential both for individual financial reward and for making a meaningful contribution to society. Parents and teachers help students to know their strengths and weaknesses so that career choices are made through self-knowledge. Specialist teachers are responsible for different learning areas.

The Knysna Montessori School caters for 60 students within the 15-18 age. From Grade 10 level a more formal uniform is worn to promote an awareness of grooming, which enhances self-esteem and confidence, and helps prepare learners for a business environment.

Independent Examination Board (I.E.B.)

Our students write the final matriculation examination of the Independent Examination Board (I.E.B.). This is the examination written by most South African Independent Schools. It is accepted internationally as a university entrance qualification. At KMS small classes with individual attention are an advantage as Grades 10 – 12 prepare for this important qualification. A 100% pass rate has been achieved since the school’s first Matric class wrote in 2008, due in no small measure to the close-knit, supportive environment provided by the school.

Boarding is available for all High School learners from further afield. Daily transport between George and Knysna is available.

The Knysna Montessori School Boarding House is the only Montessori Boarding House in Southern Africa and was established in 2004. The environment and its facilities have proven to be an outstanding success. It houses happy, busy students, in an informal, vibrant, co-operative and creative atmosphere. Our Boarding House currently has space for 34 boarders.

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