9-12 Years

The years of critical thinking.

The 9 – 12 age group are discovering their own enormous potential. They are at the critical thinking stage of their lives and as a matter of course they critically examine and focus on all which is presented to them. They are naturally self-involved; intent on finding out about themselves and their own positive abilities, but also learning to overcome the difficulties presented in relating socially to others. The key element at this stage is focussing on the specific.

These students are able to grasp more abstract concepts and thus fewer hands-on materials are required. However, geometry concepts and terminology appear to fascinate these critical thinkers and much of the traditional junior high school syllabus is covered during these years.

They have already learnt how to research and now tend to become more involved with in-depth exploring of topics of interest, covered in the Five Great Stories and other key timelines. Individual and group projects are discussed, researched, completed and then shared with others during presentations. To enhance this sensitive period of critical thinking, these presentations are evaluated by the group.

Moral development at this stage continues to be fostered with debates on moral issues. These children often act without thinking. Insisting that they take responsibility for their actions is necessary. Their tendency to be socially critical and verbally aggressive is an integrated part of their growth on their journey towards young adulthood.

The class:

The Knysna Montessori School caters for approximately 18 students per grade in the 9-12 environment with 2 or 3 directresses and depending on numbers, an assistant. Each directress is allotted a register group and specializes in one particular area – Maths, Language or Cultural subjects.

The daily programme:

The programme includes: Morning ring, followed by a 3 hour work cycle, comprising of Maths, English and Cultural Subjects. Cultural Subjects encompass all the government learning areas, but they are presented in an integrated and holistic manner. The programme continues with Music, Art, Afrikaans, Life Orientation, Basic Computer Skills, Technology and Sport.

The programme is balanced with outings to places of interest. Drama is encouraged and all children take part in the annual play, as well as celebrating festival days. Children are encouraged to play chess and other board games in the class, when work is complete.

Sport and extra mural activities:

The 9-12 year children do sport daily during school hours. At this age they grow rapidly in height and often become clumsy and un-coordinated. Sport rectifies this. They are encouraged to play team sports and further their ball skills. Summer sports include swimming, cricket, athletics and winter sports are netball, hockey and soccer.
Other sports and extra-mural activities which take place from the school include extra swimming, music, and ballet.

Junior Clubs are offered which include Mountain Biking ,Yoga, Drama, Ballet. The clubs are not compulsory. Please enquire at the office for details.

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We highly encourage parents to read our FAQ. Here we discuss common questions about the Montessori education program.

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