Sport, Clubs & Extra Murals – Junior and Senior


Dear Parents

We have come to the end of a very successful summer sporting season. Swimming, Cricket and Athletics have been enjoyed by all.

I would like to thank all the parents for their support and commitment in assisting their children in having the correct clothing and equipment for each respective sport. I would also like to thank the parents for the support on the side of the field/pool and encouraging sportsmanship.

We now move into our Winter Sport Program: Soccer, Hockey and Netball. Please refer the sports schedule on D6. Please make sure your child has the correct gear for winter sports. We gently encourage the children to participate in hockey, netball and soccer matches, but if your child is not interested we do not force them, and wait for the time they are eager and ready.

As a school we are entered into the KPSSSU (local) league, which plays against a local school once a week. The date, time, sporting code and age group varies each week and the details of the match will be communicated to your children via a small piece of paper with the match details on it, called a ‘sports diary note’. A parent match notice with all the details and team will be posted on D6 and on the notice board the week before. There are times that a match may only be communicated to you on the week of the match but this will rarely happen.
Our school also takes part in a league called the ‘Small Schools League’. These games will always take place on a Thursday but will vary in age group and sporting code.

All details are given to the children during their various practices. At times the information may come back incorrectly. Please do not be concerned – please refer to the Sports diary notes, D6 and when in doubt please feel free to call the office.

The only team we have entered into the KPSSSU league is our U9 Netball side. The rest of our matches and teams will play a fun but competitive game. With regards to the winter sports, please be aware there are sometimes Saturday morning tournaments.

The correct kit for winter sport is very important. The incorrect shoes may cause tripping on a very hard netball court or a hockey stick on the head. Shin pads for hockey are vitally important to protect the legs from a very hard ball and a gum guard will protect the teeth, absorb shock and limit bruising to the face if accidentally hit by the ball.

Parent behaviour on the side of the field/court: we encourage parents to support their children during sporting matches but please limit the encouragement and support to calm and positive feedback. Please remember that the coach will coach and the supporters will support.



TERM TWO 2019 


All middle school and high school students must participate in at least two days of sport per week.
If you participate in an exludo sport please supply a letter from your parent or exludo sport coach informing the school of the sport, and the days and times you participate in this sport.

All hostel students must please participate in a school sport/club every day of the week.

Swimming: Tarryn 083 644 7997

Piano: Dinnie (ask at front desk at school)

Library & Music: Ms D Weston

Sport Staff

Mrs T Edkins

Mr L. Mhlakaza

Mrs M. Watson

Mrs M. Nigrini

Mr A. Campbell

Mrs AJ Lategan