Loerie Letter December 2017

Dear Parents

A quote from Barbara Johnson depicts our Knysna Montessori parents who are actively involved and engaged with their children. 

“To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.”

Thank you parents for all your support this year; your children flourish with acknowledgement and encouragement. There is also a fine balance in supporting your child and also allowing the freedom to develop his independence through exploration, error and engagement with the world around him. This way children can grow to be self-assured independent young people ready to take on  any challenge or activity they might encounter, and know that their strength was achieved through their own determination and hard work.

We welcomed Matthes Holste and Lara Schunack, relatives of Kibibi and Antonia to the Middle School for this term. They are visiting us from overseas. We hope you have enjoyed your time with us at KMS.

Thank you to all for completing the annual survey forms. KMS, like any school, is constantly striving, changing and improving. So I appreciate your comments and suggestions and will take on board any improvements which can be made or are possible. I will give details of the areas of focus in the New Year.


We are looking into developing an App for the school and details will be forthcoming shortly. We trust this will help to improve communication across the board.

All formal communication needs to come through the front office, either by email to the school secretary or by making an appointment with Sonia.

If your child is sick or is going to be absent or is going home with another parent – it is vital that that information comes to the front office. If you have made private arrangements with another parent or party to collect your child, the front office must be notified; an email to the office to verify arrangements will ensure that those necessary are informed. When you collect children from school please remind them to say goodbye to the teacher on duty. If you are collecting your child early from school for an emergency appointment, please sign out at the front office in the book provided.

If your child is allowed to walk or cycle home please send an email to the office so that we know permission has been given. There is a lot of construction happening in the area and it is advised that children do not walk alone and are reminded to look out for construction vehicles reversing onto the roads. All children cycling to and from school must wear a helmet.

Please remind your child to use the walkways provided when getting in and out of vehicles.

Communication with Teachers

A reminder please – No sms’ may be sent to the teachers’ cell phones and teachers may not sms parents’ cell phones. A number of staff members will be allocated school email addresses for necessary communication, however I request to be copied in to all communication to/from parents or to/from students. All other communication must come through the office and will be forwarded to the relevant teachers. Staff members are not allowed their cell phones while teaching or on duty. All staff members have been reminded of this.

Any urgent telephonic message which needs immediate attention will be hand delivered to the relevant register teacher.

Middle School Internship and Hostel 

Anthony Campbell will be overseeing an exciting Middle School and Hostel Intern Programme in 2018. Candice Hall (Neé Yoko) and Max Campbell will be joining the Programme.  Candice graduated from Knysna Montessori in 2012. She joined the school when she was in Preschool in 1999. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Arts and is majoring in Psychology. Max Campbell graduated with Bachelor Degree Pass from Knysna Montessori School in 2014. He joined the school when he was in Preschool too. Both Candice and Max are true representations of our slogan Preparation For Life – Toddler to Matric! He has completed the Advanced Mountaineering Course and GASG (Professional Adventure Guide qualification), and is a surf instructor and Mountain Bike instructor. He has a PDP licence and Level 3 First Aid.

Hostel is undergoing some restructuring for 2018. A detailed letter has been sent to hostel families. Taddy Beyleveld, Founder of Knysna Montessori School and Hostel will be the Manager of hostel and all queries or questions regarding hostel will go through to Taddy via the hostel cell phone. Taddy will be on hand to help mentor and guide the children and hostel team. Anthony Campbell joins Bev and Matt as hostel staff members. Interns Candice and Max will be responsible for certain duties relating to hostel.


Please remember that it is your responsibility as parents to ensure that your child attends school from the beginning of the year to the end of the school year. If your child is sick, please notify the office; if your child is sick for more than two days, then a doctor’s certificate is necessary. Please organise your holidays during the school holidays as per the school calendar.

Where possible please organise medical appointments after school hours. In the event that your child will not be at school for any other reason, please seek permission in writing. Please be mindful that any child absent for 30 days or more in a school calendar year may need to repeat the grade.

Your cooperation in these matters is important and would be greatly appreciated so that we together ensure the security and safety of your children.

Junior Interhouse Gala

Thank you Tarryn for organising a wonderful gala for our Junior school children. Congratulations to all the swimmers and well done to Milkwood and Ironwood who tied for first place.

Gala 2Pictured here are some eager and enthusiastic swimmers.

Front from left: Isabel, Lesedi, Erin, Emmeline.

Back from left: Saige, Ntidi, Kaylin and Emma.

Pre Primary and Junior School Plays

What fun we had with so many plays – well done to all the children and staff for entertaining and educational productions.

3-6 play                                                   

                                                     3-6 Pre-schoolers on their way to the amphitheatre (right)



Toddlers (left)





Father Xmas


                                                         Father Christmas visits the children at the Friday Market




Below: Girls and boys from the ‘Maria Montessori’ play

MM play 1 MM play 2

A scene from the 9-12 Environment’s play “Knysna”

9-12 play

In celebration of our 20th year, I have included a few photo’s of some of the development over the years ……

2008: Amphitheatre, swimming deck, and old farmyard and garden

dev 1 dev 2

dev 3 dev 4

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following staff members who are retiring, or have ended contracts or resigned, for their service and dedication to the school and children of Knysna Montessori:

Ramos Mazodze, Peter Vieyra and Ronel and Chris Scholtz. I wish you all the very best in your future endeavours.

Irene Charles, a loyal and long serving member of staff will be retiring at the end of the Year. Irene joined Taddy at Tootle Town many years ago. You will be missed Irene and I wish you well in your retirement.

We wish Kerrey Francisco all the very best for her future plans and thank her for her cheerful personality and hard work within the Admin team.

Marne, the Afrikaans teacher in the Middle and High School is going on maternity leave for the first term and we wish her all the very best for the birth of her baby boy. Angeline Kruger will be her replacement for Grade 7-11 for the first term. Nadia Ballan will be teaching the Matric Afrikaans for the first term.

all the wayGood luck to all our Matric Students – let us hope your hard work has paid off!

Pictured right are some of our Toddler to Matric students – Thomas Edwards, Kito van Gastel, Joshua Allen, Gemma Persello and Heather Metelerkamp

To the Matric Class of 2017 – Thank you for the beautiful paintings by Michelle Offerman. Many thanks to Gemma Persello for her hard work at arranging this gift for the school, particularly when you were so busy studying for exams.

Many thanks to Michelle Offerman for her magnificent and generous gift of a painting of a Knysna Loerie to Knysna Montessori School.

matric gift

Please note the following dates:

Orientation Day – 16th January for new children

Hostel Orientation Day – 16th   January – Parents please come and meet the hostel team from 2pm.

School reopens – 17th January

The office will  be open from 9th January.

There will be a revision of the Middle and High School timetables (start and finishing times); you will be notified before school starts of changes. We are looking at realigning the lunch time and reviewing the length of day.

I wish everyone a very merry Festive Season and a Prosperous and Happy New Year.  holly 3

Best wishes