Loerie Letter June 2018

Dear KMS Family

Our second term has flown by, and despite the mid-year exams which have occupied the last few weeks, we have managed to pack in and enjoy a number of interesting and exciting events.

Professional Development Workshops:

  • With Del, Taddy and PreSchool and Junior School teachers, I attended the SAMA conference in Port Elizabeth. During the weekend there, we attended various workshops, and I held a Middle School workshop on Discipline.
  • KMS hosted a very helpful and informative Social Media talk by Pam Tudin, which was well attended. Following up on this, Hilda du Plooy held two Social Media Workshops for students from Grade 6 to Matric. We are all aware of the positives and negatives involving Social Media, and it is good to know that both are being addressed for the advantage of our students.
  • Our teachers Bianca (9-12’s) and Lee Helen (6 – 9’s) attended both REACH (working with children with Autism) and RAVO (the Neuroscience of Dyslexia) workshops and found them to be interesting and informative. Bianca also joined Bev (Pre School) and Nakkie (6 – 9’s) for a workshop on Protective Behaviour, which again proved to be very worthwhile.

9-12 School Concert “A Day in the Life”:

The 9-12’s kept us all entertained at their annual concert, during which they demonstrated Science experiments, performed in Afrikaans and Xhosa, and showed us their variety of dancers, acrobats, musicians and singers. It was a very enjoyable evening.

Car Adventure Race – Grade 9 Fundraiser:

The event was organized by Ant, Max and the Grade 9’s, and was an enormous amount of fun for the participants – so much so that another has been organized for 29th July! (Details to follow.)

6-9 Outing:

The original outing planned was for a visit to the Snake Park in Plett, but unfortunately due to the protests which took place that day, the children were taken to Pine Lake Marina in Sedgefield. They all seemed to enjoy themselves and have a very good time, and there were no complaints about the change of plan!

Grade 9 Outing:

A wonderful opportunity arose for our Grade 9 students to attend a bronze-pouring demo at Bronze Fields Foundry with Robert Leggat. They enjoyed their packed lunches in the open garden area and then were taken on a short guided tour of Mungo Mill. Our grateful thanks to Nina Ligeti for organizing this exciting event.

9-12 ‘Lagoon Clean Up’ Outing:

Bianca, Lusanda and Joy took all their 9 – 12 students on a walk from school to the lagoon where they were given rubber gloves and asked to pick up any rubbish. They performed the task cheerfully and with great enthusiasm and we are proud of them.




Cycling Achievements:

Many congratulations to all our cyclists who have achieved wonderful results in all the Spur Schools Mountain Bike League events. Three more races to go for 2018!

  • 28th July Oakhill
  • 18th August Oakhill
  • KMS to host Final 15th September

We are encouraging all cyclists of all ages regardless of ability to sign up and earn points for your school but also to have loads of fun! For more information, please contact the school office.

Cultural Achievements:


Many congratulations to Zoe Metelerkamp (level 9) who achieved Gold with Distinction (right). She is currently attending American Academy of Ballet Summer School in New York.

Jade Hahn (level 6) Gold, Hadassah Conradie (level 5) Gold, Shemene Conradie (level 4) Gold, and Clare Bensley (level 2) Silver with Distinction.





We also extend our congratulations to our songbirds Jodi Michael (left), who won the young musicians gala for best vocalist, and Jem-Dara Glogauer, who was chosen for the final competition squad of the South Cape Children’s Choir which will be participating in the World Choir Games at the beginning of July.







We look forward to welcoming five Taiwanese students at the start of the new term.

REPORTS: Preschool reports will be handed out to parents. Gr 1 – 9 reports will be e-mailed to parents on Friday. Gr 10 – 12 reports will be e-mailed to parents at the beginning of Term 3, since students are writing up to the last day of this term.

Apologies for the inconvenience of stopping the bus from travelling on protest days. This decision was taken to prevent any potential problems travelling to and from school. We only became aware of the latest protest in George very early on Wednesday morning and Gus had already left. (He seemed to manage to get through.)

In order to make things easier for everybody, please see the following schedule:

The bus will wait 5 minutes: if you are running late, please ring Gus to inform him. If your child is not taking the bus to or from school, then kindly notify Gus timeously so that he can make necessary arrangements. I hope this will help to streamline things. (Gus Cell: 071 2655570)

Finally, I would like to wish all our KMS families and the KMS Team well-deserved, happy, relaxing – and warm! – July holidays. School reopens 17th July.

Best wishes