Loerie Letter March 2018


Dear KMS Family


In the months of February and March, a number of new students and families have joined KMS. We welcome Xavier and Nathan Burger and Tsili Soganga into hostel and the 15-18 environment. Elize and Jens Grossklaus (grade 10 and 8 respectively) have recently travelled from Germany and have also joined the hostel. Jordan Samuels joined the 6-9 environment and we welcome back Maddisson Drake in the 9-12 environment. Charity Kamwele and Summer- Jane Kristoffels have joined our 3-6 environment and Matt Bezuidenhout has joined the Toddler group.


Thank you to the parents who joined us for the Family Social on Friday 26th February. It is always very nice for new parents to meet and connect with others. We would like everyone to be part of MAP (Montessori Awesome Parents) and I know the class representatives are working on connecting all parents to the MAP platform.


Thank you to the class representatives who form the PEC (Parent Event Committee) for 2018. They are as follows:

Preschool:  Heather Hersch, Nassif, Kay Merryweather
Junior School:  Tania Wentzell, Tarryn Cox, Kate Price
Middle School:  Anja de Nil
High School:  Nita Kind


Junior and Senior Interhouse Athletics took place. Congratulations to all the children who participated and earned points for your houses. Well done to Ironwood (Junior) and Beyleveld (Senior) for being the winning houses on the day. Thank you to the House Captains and Heads of Houses for your leadership in encouraging all to participate.


Matthew in action in the long jump (left)



On your marks, get set go! Camiel, Anothando and Benjamin set off on their race (right)


Grade 7 girls from Middle School participating in the track events (left)



Dylan Hawley (Gr12) Javelin (right)






— Congratulations to Zinedine de Nil who has been achieving great results with cycling. In February he came 3rd overall and 2nd in his age group at the Oubos Event. He competed in the Leopard Crawl and came 3rd overall and 3rd in his age group. He competed in the Kingfisher event on the 17th March. Congratulations to Oliver Price who is representing Western Cape Cross Country.
— Congratulations to Carla Collins who made it through to the Eden Athletics 1500m team.
— Congratulations to Emily Edkins and Andrea Collins who attended the Eden Hockey Trials KPSSSU U13.
— Congratulations to Thomas Ferguson who will be representing Eden Aquatics at the South African Junior Swimming Championship from 21st -25th March.
— Congratulations to all the participants in the upcoming South African Canoe-Polo Championships. National team members, Coban –Dean Suttie, Aiden Carr and Carla Collins are joined by Marta Heinen, Jack Ligeti, Luke van As and Andrea Collins in the upcoming event. Good Luck!


On the 13th February 2018 we had 23 Exhibitors from Cape Career Expo visit our school and our Grade 8-12 students and parents engaged with the exhibitors. The students really enjoyed this event and they gained some very interesting insight and information.



Knysna Montessori hosted the Grade 7 students from Knysna Primary and Riverwood on the 21st and 22nd February. They were invited to attend an Occupation Expo morning as well as to participate in some fun activities with our students. Thank you to the Middle School Staff and Sport Coaches and Liezel for organising this event so well.
Approximately 36 parents attended the Occupation Expo Information Evening for the Grade 7 parents of the Knysna Primary and Riverwood students as well as prospective parents of Middle and High School students from other local schools.



Although the weather was a little inclement on the Saturday, many courageous families braved the conditions. Thank you for attending and many thanks to Leigh, Ant and Max and staff for their support and organisation.

Pre-schoolers enjoying their meal together . . . .





Anthony and Tarryn took some very courageous students on the Craddock River Trip. From the stories and photographs it would appear a great time was had by all!






Thank you to Diniel for organising the Library festival and to the parents, students and staff for buying some new editions for the Middle and High School sections. We had some very welcome donations too – thank you. Well done to all the children and staff who chose to dress as their favourite Book Character – we had some great outfits!

6-9 Favourite Book Characters






9-12 Favourite Book Characters – well done Bianca and Joy, you also looked amazing!

6-9 Boys (right)










Gerhard, Ilse and the Grade 10-12 Science students attended the Grahamstown Festival. Some of the lectures and events they attended were: A Pollutants Tale, Get fired up on Hydrogen cells, Lazer Light Show and Wonders of Nanotech.


Four Grade 10 students attended the Knysna “Know Your Town” Trip organised by Knysna Rotary. Mia, Enrique, Esona and Caylem enjoyed their two days. They visited many places including the Knysna Hospital, the morgue, the Fire Station and the Magistrates Court where they had to role play a court scene – Esona was the Defence Attorney representing his client Enrique!
Gabriel Henley, Esona Sibali and Jethro Stead will be attending the Outward Bound South Africa organised by Knysna Rotary during the holidays. Have fun and enjoy yourselves!


A dynamic combined team of Riverwood and Knysna Montessori U13 Hockey opened the season at the Backwood Point Festival.





The Grade 11 students went with Anthony, Max and Fila on the Mars Extreme to the Orange River. They all enjoyed themselves, although they came back a little scratched, battered and bruised- but better off for the experience!








The Middle and High School Performing Arts Evening was well attended and supported. Many congratulations to all the students who performed on the evening and to the Grade 11s and Interact Group. Thank you to all the staff members for your support and input with the students.


I wish everyone an enjoyable holiday and I look forward to seeing you all in the new term.

School reopens on the 17th April 2018.

Best Wishes