Loerie Letter May 2017

20 yrs

Dear KMS Family

Thank you for joining in the Family Adventure Race on Saturday 20th May and sharing in the celebration of 20 years.

Many thanks to Tarryn for organizing such an amazing day. To all the staff and parents who helped in so many ways – thank you too for all your support!

Thank you to Ant and the Occupation staff and children for showcasing what you do on a daily basis. You too can be very proud of your outdoor environment.


LL 5.1 LL 5.2 LL 5.3



Rambo, one of our resident goats, is either exhausted

with all the visitors or is really striking his best pose –

to give everyone a show!


Aquaponics Occupation


At the start – everyone gathered to listen to the rules …..


And then they were off! Tarryn takes cover! (LHS!)



Team Black Panda

BLACK PANDAS: (9-12s) Tyla-Shae, Kiska, (15-18s) Florence, Matsedi (Captain), (12-15s) Gina, Tiffany

Front (6-9s) Gita and Hayden and Preschooler Blake

Team Blue Ninja

BLUE NINJA: From left –Bianca, Abigail & Alison, Chloe, Romy, Arthur, Caylem, Jack

Team Milky Way

MILKY WAY: At the back – Declan, Jared, Robyn (Captain), Chant. In the front – Lesedi, Auron, Hosea and Ntidi

From Wheelbarrows to Water Balloon Throwing …

wheelbarrow water balloon

We were all able to marvel at the way in which all the different age groups supported and encouraged each other in all the various activities. We witnessed the true Montessori spirit amongst the children, and very well done to all of them for participating with energy and enthusiasm. I am so proud of you all!

From Reading maps to Sudoku – Moms jumping in to assist with logical thinking skills …

map reading sudoku

And then there was the blindfold wheelbarrow race …

blindfold wbarrow 1 blindfold wbarrow 2

(LEFT) Blindfolded Khia (15-18) pushes Raelyn (9-12), and Blindfolded Jade (15-18) pushes Karien (6-9) (RIGHT)

blindfold wbarrow 4 blindfold wbarrow 5

(LEFT) Blindfolded Keigan (12-15) pushes Luke (12-15) with help from Chloe (6-9) and Monene (15-18), and Blinfolded Jade (15-18) with Nadia’s help (12-15) pushes Connor (9-12) (RIGHT)

blindfold wbarrow 3

Blindfolded Michael (15-18) pushes Neo (12-15)

THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN TO WATCH! “Go left, no this left – go right, no not that right!”


Khumo’s team Clouds run to the podium to

have their cards and signatures checked by Tarryn.



Beach Ball Balancing … 

 Gaeb and Noah (6-9)

Isabel and Tyla (9-12) bbb1





Not sure who was more exhausted on this day… parents or children!

There were so many wonderful pictures to choose from; if parents have any more pictures, please select a few and send to Kerrey. Thank you to parents who have posted some already on MAP.

Well done to all our Preschoolers – You were fantastic!

preschool 1

preschool 2 preschool 3

preschool 4 preschool 5

(Pictures speak louder than words . . . . )


Interact have a number of projects on the go to help our local communities.

  • In celebration of Knysna Montessori’s 20th Birthday – Interact are collecting 20 Educational Toys/Games/Books/Posters etc. for Maranatha Preschool.

Interact are asking children to donate new or second hand (good condition) of any of the above items. There will be a box in the office labeled Interact where you can place your items. Many thanks to the Interact Club for their compassion and enthusiasm and thank you parents and children for your support in enriching other children’s lives in our community.

  • Interact have been visiting Mama Mia Playschool (below) where they read stories, play games and have fun with the children.

Mama Mia


  • Heights for Hounds and Castles for Kittens

Each environment is encouraged to build a tower/castle of 6×6 tins of dog food or cat food. The challenge is to see which environment can build the highest tower/castle!

I attended the Rotary Lunch on Tuesday 23rd May with Interact President, Jade Hahn (Gr 11) and Gr 11 student Liam van Eeden. Jade gave a report back to Rotarians about the Outward Bound Experience which she and Liam attended. Well done, your wonderful and spontaneous speech was very well received by the Rotarians. (Below) Jade, Liam and Interact students from Concordia, Percy Madala & Knysna High.

Interact 1 Interact 2

Acknowledgement of Recent Achievements


Congratulations to Zoë Metelerkamp (right) who recently participated in the Cape Town Eisteddfod. She reached the finals in the age 15-16 Classical Ballet Own Choice and the 15-16 Open Own Choice Category. The school audience may remember her performing this contemporary piece at the Performing Arts evening last term. She was a winner with Naoline Sutton in the 13 & Over Creative Duet and overall winner of the 15-16 Demi- Character Own Choice.

Congratulations to Carla Collins and Marta Heinen who have been selected for the Eden U16 B team.

Congratulations to Emmeline Price (9-12) who received her Eden Colours for Artistic Gymnastics level 3 on 20th May in Mossel Bay.

Congratulations to Hannah Buchanan (6-9) who recently achieved the following for Gymnastics: 21 April:  Club Competition – Gold Girls Artistic Gymnastics Level 2

06 May:  Garden Route Invitational (Mossel Bay) – Gold Girls Artistic Gymnastics Level 2

20 May:  South Zone Trials (District Trials Mossel Bay) – Gold Girls Artistic Gymnastics Level 2.

Hannah will represent her district at the 2017 South Zone Competition which is being held in Cape Town at the end of June.

13th May Redstone Hills MTB XCM race: Congratulations to Gita Hildebrand – 3rd lady overall in 11km and 1st Nipper Girl and Congratulations Oliver Price- 17km, 4th overall and 4th Sub Junior boy.

Parents, please send us an email and photograph, if possible, of any extra –mural event and/or achievement in which your child has participated. We can then share their achievements with others.


Please see separate email re Spur Schools Mountain Bike League. The link for the online entry forms is displayed on this email. For further help or advice please contact Kate Price: 082 585 6965 or Candace Hildebrand: 072 548 0411.

We encourage as many children as possible of all ages from Knysna Montessori School to get involved and sign up for these wonderful races. We are the only school in this region with a cycle track on our own school grounds. In comparison to other schools participating, we are a small school (with a big heart) and we have the honour of hosting the final on 9th September.

Many thanks to the parents who passionately support their children and our school in this amazing event.




Forthcoming dates:

  • Thursday 1 June @ 5pm Montessori Discipline Workshop. Please join us for this informal, interactive workshop on Montessori Discipline. Directors/Directresses (Teachers) will be interacting with you.

Baby-sitting is available with Barbara-Ann. Soup & Rolls will be provided for children and parents.

  • Friday 2nd June – In aid of 12-15 Grade 9 Fundraising Tour- R5 Pajama Civies Day – Hot Chocolate will also be on sale.
  • Friday 9th June – 12-15 Formal Assessment Week begins
  • Monday 12th June (9-12 & 15-18) Formal Assessment Week begins
  • Tuesday 20th June Preschool Outing- details to follow
  • Thursday 22nd  June 6-9 Outing- details to follow
  • Wednesday 28th  June 9-12 Outing- details to follow
  • (Tentative Date Thur 29th June – An Evening of Music – Confirmation & details to follow)

Given the tumultuous world we live in, with political tension and terrorism the world over, it is essential that we strive to develop key life skills in our children so that they will be fully prepared for life and a future yet unknown. Our roles as Directresses and Parents is to foster self-discipline, self- confidence, self-motivation, good work ethics and time management and to help our children think critically, problem-solve and to become independent global thinkers.

On Saturday at the Family Adventure Day and every day at school we see joy and excitement, team work and real camaraderie – it is the child’s that gives us hope for the future!

I’ll leave you with some very wise words from a very wise woman.

“Establishing lasting peace is the work of education;

all politics can do is keep us out of war.”

                                                              – Maria Montessori


“If help and salvation are to come, they can only come from the children,

for the children are the makers of men.”

                                                               – Maria Montessori

Enjoy the rest of term.

Best wishes