Loerie Letter September 2018

Our Loerie Letter No 6


Dear KMS Family

What an eventful term! The holidays are nearly upon us and there hopefully will be a well-deserved rest for all. Our 2018 Matrics have just completed the Prelim examinations and will be preparing for finals so I am not sure how much rest they will have – but please remember to strike a balance – you do need time also to look after yourselves and use your time wisely.

2018/2019 Interact Board
Congratulations to the new Interact Board: President: Zeldine Schwark; Vice President: Kahlil van der Walt, Treasurer: Nadia Beyleveld; Secretary: Caylem Baltazar; Board member: Gina Slabbert; Interact member: Kaylin Jacobs; Teacher: Marne Nigrini.

In the pic outgoing President Matsedi Mogale hands over to New President Zeldine Schwark.

Many congratulations to the 2017/2018 Interact Board. Knysna Rotary presented them with two awards: Best Club Interact Project Presented to Knysna Interact Clubs and Knysna Montessori Interact Club for the excellent programme of community service activities 2017/2018. 

Knysna Literary Festival – Many congratulations to Simone Christian (Gr 12) who came first in her age category for short stories, and Maddisson Drake (Gr 4). The Grade 6 and 7s participated in a Creative Writing Workshop.


Grateful thanks to Belen and Mark Collins for organizing the Orienteering training at the school. Many children enjoyed participating in this event as well as the event on Leisure Island.

There have been a number of tours this term. These tours are so important for the development of character, social skills and confidence, sense of value and self-worth as well as being loads of fun!

Grade 9 Tour – The Grade 9s set off for the Wild Coast. The Grade 9s presented their slide show compiled by Oliver Price to us all in assembly recently and at the Prize Giving last week. The music which accompanied the slide show was very apt … shall we say, and reverberates in my mind quiet frequently! Well done to Ant for putting up with this Music – all the way there and all the way back!


A number of senior students attended the Orange River Tour with Ant and Max. From the stories and pictures we have seen, it would seem that this was once again a wonderfully successful trip. Thank you to Ant and Max for organizing these amazing adventures for our students.


Our 9-12s will be attending the Grade 6 Tour to Oudtshoorn at the end of this term. We hope they have a wonderful time together. This tour helps to further strengthen bonds and friendships and also aids in developing leadership skills, preparing them for the Middle School environment.

The Preschool and Junior School have had some exciting events this term including the 9-12 Market Day, Spring Teas and the 6-9 Play about the Timeline of Life.





Well done Gerhard and Marne for being our big dinosaurs in the Time Line of Life Play!

The 6-9 children staff and parents worked so hard to create a very memorable evening.



Our 2018 Matric students and their partners attended the annual Matric Dance at Villa Castellini. Parents, teachers and friends gathered to watch the Matrics arrive in all their finery. Thank you so much to Dana and the Grade 11s for their hard work in fundraising for the event and fantastic work in setting up the venue and hosting us all so well. Many thanks to Alfred Lor for the beautiful photographs!


Middle and High School Prize Giving took place on the 13th September. Well done to all our students for your achievements and growth during the year. Many thanks to Arum and Jem-Dara Glogauer (above) and Zoë Metelerkamp who entertained us so well with song and poetry.

Many congratulations to our New Head girl Zoë Metelerkamp, and Deputy Head girl Matsedi Mogale. We wish you a very happy and successful headship for 2019. I would like to take this opportunity to thank 2018 Head Boy Michael dos Santos Serra and Head Girl Simone Christian for their hard work and attention to duty this year.


Our cyclists have worked ceaselessly competing and participating in the Spur MTB Cycle Races this year. Well done to all our cyclists who have trained so hard and attended all the cycle practices and races this season. On the 15th September, KMS hosted the Final Spur MTB Series. Many thanks to Ant Campbell, Max Campbell, the MARS group and KMS students for their work on the track. Thank you to everyone who contributed to all the ingredients and supplies for the food stalls – everyone worked so hard at the Tuck Shop. Thanks are extended too to the Marshalls and staff for contributing to the success of this event.  


Thank you to Panasonic and JP and Bianca Botha for organizing the Preschool Race – it is great to get our little ones interested in the sport. A special mention to our dedicated Cycling parents (Anja and team) for your ongoing hard work, enthusiasm and energy and yes, stress – but the event was a great success.


I would like to thank Taddy, Leigh, Ant, Max and Candice for all the hard work and support in the hostel this term and into next term. Many thanks too to Fiela, Tarryn, Dinny, Dana, Barbara Anne and Liezel for assisting in hostel duties this term. Taddy, Leigh, Ant and Max will be resident at the hostel in the 4th term and Candice will continue her duties too.

I thought I would leave you with this quote by American author Brian Herbert – particularly apt for our Matric students  – Good Luck!

The capacity to learn is a gift;

the ability to learn is a skill;

the willingness to learn is a choice.


School Holiday Friday 21st September – Tuesday October 9th