Montessori Matrics Exceed Expectations

Knysna Montessori School is particularly proud of its 2017 matric learners and their results, especially in view of the upheavals caused by the June wildfires, subsequent disruptions to the academic year, and the unseen psychological effects of the catastrophe.

These matriculants performed even better than the “pre-fires” expectations of their results, with an 87% university pass rate. A significant number of the school’s learners will be furthering their studies at universities and tertiary institutions this year, joining a growing group of past learners who have studied, or are studying at universities and colleges, both locally and overseas.

Distinctions were achieved across a wide range of subjects, which was testament to the amount of work put in by both learners and teaching staff, as well as to the intimate and supportive environment offered by the school. One of the aims of the school is to enable learners to achieve their individual best potential, and these IEB results prove that the school was successful in achieving this aim.

Top results were achieved by Heather Metelerkamp, Gemma Persello (head girl 2017), Thomas Edwards and Chant Messina (head boy 2017).

However, Knysna Montessori is particularly proud of those learners who, although not top students, have achieved to their full potential, thus giving them the maximum opportunity to pursue their goals and dreams, and believes the results are a reflection of the family environment and strong work ethic engendered by the Montessori system of education. Small classes with individual attention, dedicated qualified staff and a close-knit student group are all factors that contribute to this success.

ThomasThomas Edwards has been with Knysna Montessori since Gr 1, and the school wishes him all the best in his endeavours as a student of engineering at Stellenbosch University.



Gemma Persello, an exemplary example as a head girl during 2017, joined Knysna Montessori from her first days of schooling at age two. She has been a pillar within the school’s community throughout her schooling career. Gemma will be embarking on BCom Marketing for 2018.




HeatherHeather Metelerkamp is a studious learner who began her journey of education with the Knysna Montessori School from preschool. Heather will be entering university to further her craving for knowledge.



Chant Messina is an outstanding student who joined the Knysna Montessori School in preschool. He will be working on his dream of continuing with art for the next three months and then working abroad.