2-3 Years

ALF_9380The Unconscious Absorbent Mind – the child absorbs but cannot always remember.

During this period toddlers develop different functions related to movement and intellect, each at first separately and then in combination. This phase is also termed the “unconscious creator”, in which children absorb the environment around them and construct their reality.

The class:
This introductory class of maximum 20 children is run by a directress and her assistant. In a nurturing, caring environment children are introduced to the rules of the classroom and playground. The development of relationship skills is very important: getting on with self and others, learning to accept boundaries, to respect the rights of others and to stand up for one’s own rights – all these skills form a large part of the programme. Emphasis is also placed on developing language skills and encouraging independence.

The daily programme:
The programme includes: morning ring, followed by activities involving colours, shapes, numbers and letters. A forty minute work cycle on life skills includes each child’s choice and use of Montessori sensorial equipment. The programme continues with games, songs, rhymes and art activities. A period is allocated to free play, story time, lunch and sleep. Toilet training takes place throughout the day. 


Knysna Montessori School offers aftercare for children in both the pre-school and Primary school. This takes the form of supervised play in the safe and secure environment of the preschool/school. A drink and healthy snack are available for every child remaining in aftercare.

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