School Rules

For the benefit of the learners, it is of vital importance for both educators and parents always to be co-operatively involved in the child’s education. 

With this in mind, instead of laying down school rules, we ask parents to please assist and cooperate with the following:

Please inform the school office of any change in personal details so that you may be reached at ALL times.

Call the office between 8.00 and 8.30 am if your child is ill. If he/she has a contagious condition, please keep your child at home. A doctor’s certificate is required after three days of absence, if a Monday or Friday is missed, or if an important test / exam is missed.

Medication and any instruction should be given to the office staff and the class teacher needs to be informed.

For security reasons: All Foundation Phase children (2 – 9 years) must arrive or leave the premises with adult supervision. The office MUST be notified in advance if someone other than a parent collects a child. School commences at 7:45 am.

Children who are not collected by 14:15 will be sent to Aftercare.

Children in the Pre-Primary class may be collected from 12.15 onwards, but this carries no reduction in fees.

In order to encourage self-confidence, independence and responsibility we respectfully ask you to allow your child (6-18 years) to enter their environment on their own. The teachers meet and greet your child at the classroom door.

Please do not allow your child to bring toys to school, apart from the pre-primary “Show and Tell” on Friday mornings.

If you find toys or equipment in your child’s bag, please see that they are returned. Montessori equipment is expensive and difficult to replace, and often one missing part can render the material useless.

Items of clothing or stationery which do not belong to your child can be returned to the office. The items will be given to the correct person.

If your child regularly claims there is no homework (Middle and High School), check with his / her teacher.

School matters must be handled during school hours; please ring the office and not the teachers’ cell phones. Messages will be passed onto the relevant teachers or child.

Please make an appointment to see staff before or after school, NOT during classes. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please cancel timeously.

Friday is tuck day. Parents are required to provide tuck for the class about twice a year. This tuck is then sold to the children for R5 and the money used to buy new reading books for the school. There is a new roster on the notice board each term. Please give your child the correct amount of money and not R50 and R100 notes.

Tea and sandwiches are provided at no extra cost during the morning. All children have either school lunch (see School Fee Structure, Optional Extras), or a packed lunch box from home containing healthy food – no junk food, cool drinks, chips or sweets are permitted. Should a child forget to bring lunch, a school lunch will be provided, for which you will be billed.

For birthdays, your child may supply a cake for the class. No ‘invitation only’ parties may be held at school, but the Friday Market Field is available for birthday parties after school, by arrangement with the office.

When school progress reports are sent out, parents are expected to attend parent/teacher discussions pertaining to their child.

Parent Training Courses / Workshops are held in the first term of each year and courses on particular topics in other terms. Parents are expected, for the sake of their children, to attend those lectures appropriate to their child’s age group.

Participate in annual survey.

Please check the website, D6 communicator, notice boards and/or your child’s pegboard daily for information and communication.

Communication to parents comprises of  email, sms and D6 communicator.

Please send selected photographs and information of your child’s extra mural achievements and activities to the office.


Please never criticise or undermine an educator or the school in front of your child – it can have a very negative effect. If at any time you feel that your child has been treated unfairly, or you have an issue to discuss, please first approach the Educator or Coach, and then if necessary, arrange to see the Head Directress.

We check for lice on the first day of every term. Any child with live nits or lice will need to be sent home for treatment until completely clear. A clinic certificate of clearance is required before your child may return to school, and needs to be given to your class teacher.

If your child has a fever, contagious illness, diarrhoea, is vomiting or is on antibiotics, please keep them at home until they are well.

If your child has an accident at school, the teacher on duty will assess the situation, and notify you so that the child can be observed for any delayed side effects. If necessary you will be notified immediately to collect your child. This is one of the main reasons why it is imperative that we always have your correct contact details.