Although the Montessori education system is different from mainstream schooling, we hugely emphasize academics.

We follow an age-related, hands-on, collaborative teaching approach, where each child is developed individually. Teacher-to-student ratios are kept to the minimum to ensure daily personal interaction with every child.

Classrooms are large in m² size, to allow children enough room to move and to form groups for team work.


Junior School students do not write formal exams, but are undergoing assessments throughout the year.

Grade 9 students write the IBT (International Bench Mark Test) in English and Mathematics.

Grade 12 students write their final matriculation examination of the Independent Examination Board (I.E.B.). This is the examination written by most South African Independent Schools. It is accepted internationally as a university entrance qualification.

A 100% pass rate has been achieved since the school’s first matriculations in 2008, due to, in no small measure, the close-knit, supportive environment provided by the school.


Qualified, Dedicated Staff

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