This Week’s Menu

MENU FOR WEEK 17/06/19 TO 23/06/19


School lunch Menu                                                    Hostel Menu


Porridge & fruit is served from 7.30 to 7.45 in the canteen for school children paying for meals and Pre- schoolers from 8.15 to 8.30. No late comers will be served.

MORNING SNACK-A sandwich snack is served to all classes

LUNCHES- School meal lunches will be served in the hostel for school children.

Pre-schoolers will be served the same menu in their classrooms.



 Spaghetti & mince, salads,  Fruit


TUESDAY –      

Crumbed chicken strips, rice,  & salads

Jelly & custard



Babotie, rice , veges, Fruit



Pork Meat loaf, rice &  salads

Marshmallow fridge tart


FRIDAY  –          

Tomato & red lentil soup, rolls




Sandwiches, biscuits and fruit is served daily at 3.30pm


 B  Cereal, Yoghurt  and fruit

 Spaghetti and mince, salads,  Fruit

S  Pork sausage, mash & gravy, salad

Apple pie & custard


TUESDAY –      

  B  Oats porridge, Muffins & cheese, Fruit

  L  Crumbed chicken strips, rice,  & salads

Jelly & custard

Baked potatoes, mushroom sauce, salads, fruit



  Mielie meal porridge ,scrambled eggs on toast,


  L  Babotie, rice , veges, Fruit

  S  Thai chicken & rice, salad

Lemon pudding



  B  Malta Bella porridge, baked beans on Toast, Fruit

  L  Pork Meat loaf, rice &  salads

Marshmallow fridge tart

  S Lamb chops & oven baked vegies, fruit


FRIDAY  –          

  B  Mielie Meal porridge, French toast, Fruit

  L  Tomato & red lentil soup, rolls


  S  Cheese omelets & salad, fruit



  B  Cereal,  yoghurt, Toast & fruit

  L  Beef burgers, fruit

  S  Pasta & salads, fruit


SUNDAY  –        

  B  Bacon & eggs, toast and fruit

  L  Chicken, baby potatoes & salads, fruit

  S   Toasted sandwiches, ice-cream