Whole Child Education

About Our Whole Child Education

Knysna Montessori school provides scope for the development of your child in ways not possible in a traditional learning environment.  At the moment, our learners are developed in all these areas, with a surprising number of offerings for such a small school!


  • *Cycling
  • *Swimming
  • *Cricket
  • *MARS (Montessori Adventure Racing)
  • *Athletics
  • *Hockey
  • *Soccer
  • *Netball


  • *Farmyard
  • *Market Days
  • *Occupations


  • * Interact Club
  • * Cultural Events


  • *Choir
  • *Drama
  • *Music
  • *Public Speaking


  • *Technology
  • *Craft
  • *Gardening
  • *Banking
  • *Building


  • *Chess
  • *Debating
  • *Computers
  • *Yoga

Please Visit Our FAQ Section

We highly encourage parents to read our FAQ. Here we discuss common questions about the Montessori education system.


Our Sport policy is one of inclusivity. We believe it is essential to promote the importance of team spirit, physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle, and consequently we cultivate an enjoyment of sport from an early age. All our children participate in whatever sport or game is being offered at the school. Children are expected to bring a sick note from the parent and a doctor’s certificate if necessary if they are unable to participate in the lesson. We have dedicated sport coaches and teachers on staff who coach, guide and encourage the learners during sport sessions. Due to the fact that we are a relatively small school and have small numbers in certain age groups, we often have mixed age groups or in certain sports join forces with other schools. All children participate in Inter-house sport. Our three school sport houses for the Junior School are Ironwood (Green), Yellowwood (Yellow) and Milkwood (White). The two sport houses for the Middle and High School are Beyleveld (Purple) and Gryffenberg (Red).
It is compulsory for ALL students to attend their term sport periods. Should a student wish to attend an extra-mural activity instead, parents are asked to provide a letter at the beginning of each term, to be handed in at the office, stating activity and times involved to be handed to the office. This letter must include a note from the coach, teacher or trainer to confirm supervision and attendance.

Summer Sports: Swimming, Athletics, Cricket, Trail Running, MARS (Adventure Racing)
Winter Sports: Hockey, Soccer, MARS

Other sports and extra mural activities which take place from the school include: Music, Mountain Biking, Ballet, Yoga, Drama, Chess/Board Games & Community Service. This list tends to change as the interests of the children change – updated timetables are available from the office.

For our Pre-School: Play Ball, Monkeynastics, Ballet, Kindermusik and Swimming are on offer.
Details of these activities are available from the office.

Clubs & Extra Murals
In order to add variety and to help develop the whole child, clubs are offered in the Junior School. Some of these clubs are run free of charge by teachers in the school while others are fee-paying and run by private individuals.

Clubs & Extra Murals Middle and High School
Club Day in Middle School is on Wednesday and is compulsory. The students are able to choose from non-fee paying and some fee-paying clubs. High School students do not participate in clubs.

Any person wishing to conduct an Extra Mural Activity needs to complete the Extra Mural Form available from the office.


● Set a good example for your players.
● Take responsibility for the sport store room.
● Ensure rules, equipment, training schedules and games are safe, and match the needs and skills level of the children involved.
● Teach a wide range of team skills.
● Ensure that equal opportunities for all participation in sports are available for all children.
● Remember children play for enjoyment, ensure the ‘spirit of the game’ is not lost by overcalling violations.

● Teach your players to be friendly towards officials and opponents:

– Meet and welcome them before the game
– Show them where the changing facilities are
– Indicate to them which courts or field you will be playing on
– Thank them for the game afterwards
– Thank the referee or umpire and get team members to do the same. Thank the first aiders and the table officials
– Ensure your opponents get refreshments after the game

● Ensure everyone involved, including parents, understand their responsibilities regarding fair play and appropriate behaviour.
● Remove from the field of play any of your players whose behaviour is not acceptable.
● Keep your knowledge of coaching and the development of the game up to date.
● No officials of the opposite gender should enter the team change room until all team members have completed changing. Remember that teenagers easily become infatuated with their team coaches and tend to exaggerate situations. It is unwise to be put in a compromising situation, so the officials should avoid being alone with a team member.


• Excursions and tours, including sports tours, provide rich educational opportunities for students, provided they have clear educational objectives, and are well organised and managed.
• Staff leadership of a tour is of the utmost importance. As a rule two staff members should accompany any excursion, tour or sports event.
• Adults in charge of school transport must hold a valid PDP license.
• Parents of tour members are responsible for meeting the costs of their child’s tour.
• Staff members supervising the tour are not required to meet any costs. Their expenses must be provided for in the tour budget.
• When proposing a tour or excursion, the Senior Management should be approached directly. There after a detailed proposal must be prepared and presented to the Head Directress for approval. This should include details of dates, possible itinerary, meals, travel/transport, proposed staff in charge, and motivation for budget. Once approval has been given, no additions or changes can be made without prior permission from management.
• The staff organizing the tour must compile a letter addressed to parents detailing all relevant information at least a month in advance. This letter must be approved by Head Directress and Business Manager before it is sent to parents.
• No cell phones or technology devices are allowed on school tours. The member of staff on duty will use their discretion if it is deemed necessary (for safety reasons) for the students to have use of their cell phones. Prior permission for this must first be sought from Management.
• It may be necessary for staff to hold a meeting with parents prior to a tour.
• A particular tour group may embark on fund-raising projects, subject to the approval of the principal. The following applies :
– All funds collected are to be deposited into a special tour fund account organized by the school.
– Any fund-raising initiative by parents must first be approved by the school.
– Any raffle tickets, posters letters etc. must be edited by the school editor and stamped with the school stamp by front office.
– Care must be taken not to deflect sources of financial support from existing school programmes.
● The Sports Co-ordinator is responsible for organizing sport matches and
Sport Tours. Fixture dates are to be set at the breakfast meeting before school term starts. Any other friendly matches are to be arranged in time to
give parents at least two days notification.


New Year Opening Ceremony and End of Year Closing Ceremony take place in the amphitheatre in the first and last week of each year.

During the First term, a Family Social and Family Camp takes place.

At Foundation Phase, (6-9 yrs) Spring Day and Grandparents Tea, the Annual School Concert and the Father Christmas Celebration are highlights on the calendar.

At Intermediate Phase, (9-12 yrs) the Annual School Play is usually based on the cultural time-lines, and parents are encouraged to take part. Cultural evenings also take place, as well as participation in Eisteddfods.

At Middle School and High School Phase, plays and entertainment evenings are often organized by the students themselves.

The Grade’s 7-9’s attend a Leadership Camp early in the first term.
The Grade 9’s traditionally go on a 3-4 day Educational Tour, which is partly funded from their businesses & occupations.
The 10 & 11’s may have a two week Overseas Tour every second year, for which they raise funds to help pay expenses.
MARS Extreme is a survival MARS Adventure for all Grade 11 students which will take place in the 1st term.

Regular educational excursions, survivor & team building camps expose students to a wide range of experiences outside the school. Annually, we either host or visit students from the Plato English School in Taiwan.

A meaningful part of school tradition is the way in which we care for others and our environment, and regular interaction takes place between our students and charity organisations, as well as work on community projects and visiting the aged.
Our Knysna Montessori students are encouraged to make new students and visitors welcome.


Sports Staff:

Mrs T Edkins

Mr L. Mhlakaza

Mrs M. Watson

Mrs M. Nigrini

Mr A. Campbell

Mrs AJ Lategan

Library and Music:

Ms D Weston