Years of research and experience.

A school that bases its education on many years of research and experience but still listens to the child to cater for a child in the changing modern world. 

Tarryn Edkins

Amazing school, amazing staff.

Knysna Montessori School is the best! My boy is so happy in the Pre School and is showing signs of independence every day. Amazing school and amazing staff!

Marne Nigrini

We love Montessori

We love the Montessori education system, the structure, self discipline, routines and the fact that each child is able to develop at their own pace. Knysna Montessori school is really one of the very best Montessori schools in South Africa, they embody all the Montessori principles!
My children love going to school every day! 

Tania Wentzell

Thumbs up to awesome teachers.

Thumbs up to awesome teachers. We as parents are privileged to send our children to a school, where each child is seen and respected. Where there needs come first and discipline is still strong.

Anja Visser de Nil

Western Cape Government
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