With Manners, Courtesy and Grace,
All creeds and colors we embrace.
With special tools we learn our task,
Free to answer, free to ask.
As we prepare for life ahead,
We learn to lead as we are led,
To give and take from one another
Not to judge, but love each other

May we, like the free-flying Loerie
Spread our wings and spread the story
A voice for all – our chosen rule
At Knysna Montessori School


As we continue on our way
We honour Taddy this Founder’s Day
She lit the fire and fanned the flame
And made us proud to bear our name.

From pre-school to young adulthood
The principles for which she stood
Inspired by Montessori’s way
Were followed through, each and every day

For where we are, where we belong
Our hearts are filled with grateful song
Our thanks for dedicated rule
At Knysna Montessori School.

© Diniel Weston  |  6th September 2013

Founders Day is celebrated each year to honour the founder of the school, Taddy Beyleveld.