FRIDAYS  16:00 – 20:00

The Friday Market was established as the school’s main fundraiser in 2001 to raise funds for the development of the school.

Instead of copious cake sales, raffles etc. headed up by a PTA in most schools, Knysna Montessori School’s main fundraiser enables our parents to do one fund raising duty a year per child for the school, instead of weekly/monthly fundraising events.

The children at Knysna Montessori School hold market days and cake sales in order to learn valuable life skills and raise funds for their own tours, outings and classroom environments. The Friday Market is also a platform for developing the entrepreneurship skills of our children.

All parents are asked not only to support the market (which has become an enormously popular meeting place for locals and visitors alike), but to help out at least once a year with Friday Market duties.


We offer our loyal market visitors
the option to rent a table at R1 600 per year.

This allows you booked seating until 17:30,
to ensure that you always have a table at the market.

We have limited stall space
for vendors of food and craft.

We charge a small stall fee,
and ask 10% of your sales value to be donated to the school.