The Friday Market


The Friday Market was established as the school’s main fundraiser in 2001 to raise funds for the development of the school.

Instead of copious cake sales, raffles etc. headed up by a PTA in most schools, Knysna Montessori School’s main fundraiser enables our parents to do one fund raising duty a year per child for the school, instead of weekly/monthly fundraising events.

The children at Knysna Montessori School hold market days and cake sales in order to learn valuable life skills and raise funds for their own tours, outings and classroom environments. The Friday Market is also a platform for developing the entrepreneurship skills of our children.

All parents are asked not only to support the market (which has become an enormously popular meeting place for locals and visitors alike), but to help out at least once a year with Friday Market duties.

The Friday Market is co-ordinated by the school and operates every Friday from September through to the end of May.

The primary Friday Market duty is Bar Duty

All parents are asked to help with the Friday Market by taking part in one bar duty per year per child. This entails serving drinks from 17H00 to 20H00 (latest). A duty roster is drawn up by the school office and circulated for each Market Season. If you are unable to help out on the day you have been allocated, please contact Kerrey at the reception in order to make alternative arrangements, of which there are two choices:


  • Donate R 200-00 towards the cost of employing someone to do your bar duty instead should you wish


  • Offer to help in other areas of the market which include:
  1. Attending to the Scarecrows’ clothing & face repaints
  2. Co-ordinator of Entrepreneur Friday’s @ The Friday Market (The last Friday of September, October, November, February, March & April)

Kind Regards

The Friday Market Team


Sponsorships provide the KMS community with an opportunity to help fund development of the school and also promote their business. Throughout the year as sponsorship opportunities occur we will notify parents. Currently, there is the opportunity to provide sponsorship for the development of our astro turf and advertise your business on a board next to the sports fields.

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