Financial Assistance

There are two types of financial assistance  available at Knysna Montessori School.

Both financial assistance are offered on an annual basis. Recipients are required to re-apply annually.

TYPE 1:  Sponsor a child

This assistance is to provide a child from a less privileged background with the benefit of a Montessori education at KMS in Preschool or High School.

–  The child must come from a disadvantaged background with financial needs and from our community.

–  The child must show strong academic potential, have a good track record and good language skills.

–  The child must have English as a spoken and (where appropriate) written language.

Applicants may be required to sit an examination dependent on age. This assistance is offered on an individual basis and are funded by generous individuals and therefore the number available is determined by the funding available. A letter of motivation and also, where appropriate, the latest academic record are required for this bursary.

TYPE 2:  Financial assistance fund

Financial assistance is where school fees are reduced, especially for families going through economic difficulties who are already in the school.

This financial assistance is applied for and reviewed on an annual basis. A letter of motivation, together with supporting financial documents, is required to apply for this.

Financial assistance is awarded annually and is determined by the availability of funding.

The allocation of funds is based on number of applicants in each environment ratio for the year and available budget.