Our friendly Turaco Boarding House catering facility prepares fresh meals daily for our boarding students as well as the many day students that choose to make use of this option.

Weekly menus are thoughtfully planned offering a variety of in-season vegetables, fruit and local produce.  Where possible, this is supplied by students from their own organic garden and farmyard which supplies free range eggs.

Apart from the obvious saving of the time it takes to put together a healthy lunchbox, our preschool children learn to eat food from all food groups, how to use utensils and how to develop good table manners – all this while at school.

The time-honoured tradition of breakfast, lunch and dinner seems the best way to ensure a balanced diet, but some families may prefer more frequent, lighter meals. Our students have the option of both. Breakfast and lunch are served, with an optional mid-morning snack and an afternoon tea snack. Our delicious variety of home-cooked meals has been carefully compiled each week with a well-balanced approach to all the essential foods a child needs for energy and concentration.  Fruit is after with meals and tea time snacks and desserts are an optional choice, provided twice a week. Each main meal is served with salad and vegetables. All the children are encouraged to try all food items on offer in order to extend their horizons regarding food choices and their enjoyment of tastes and textures.     The weekly menu is posted on the internal communicator of the D6 at the beginning of each week.

Lunchbox Ideas: For those parents who prefer to pack lunchboxes the school does not allow cool drinks, junk food, chips or sweets to be included in the lunches. A lunchbox is inviting when lots of food colours and textures are used. There is a microwave and supervised access to hot water for well-balanced meals to be reheated – such as chicken, macaroni cheese, vegetable soup etc. Encourage your child to eat a variety of fresh, canned (preferably in light juice), dried or frozen fruit rather than drinking fruit juice. If fruit juice is used, it should be 100% juice without added sugar.  One quarter cup of dried fruit is the equivalent of a full cup of fresh fruit.

Fruit:  Sliced apples, blueberries, strawberries, a naartjie, frozen smoothies in squeeze pouches

Protein Rich Food:  Ham, biltong, chicken pieces, boiled eggs, humus pita, quiche slices.

Nuts: Peanuts and raisins, Pecan nuts. Unshelled peanuts are always appreciated!

Dairy: Cheese slices, Yoghurt, Cottage Cheese, dips for fresh and salad vegetables

Vegetables:  Carrots, sweet bell peppers, cucumber, celery with peanut butter and raisins, sugarsnap peas, corn on the cob

Treats: Popcorn, Trail Mix, Rice Crackers, Vegetable crisps, Savoury crackers, Yoghurt-covered Raisins, Fortune Cookies, Homemade Muffins.    

AFTERCARE FEES:  Please note that to ensure their safety, at the end of each school day, children who have not yet been collected are handed over to Aftercare. Billing is at the casual rate.


School meals are booked per term.
Casual meals must be booked before 7:45.

Per Term Once-Off: R1 380
Per Month: R460
Casual Per Day: R30
Per Term Once-Off: R1 635
Per Month: R545
Casual Per Day: R35
Per Term Once-Off: R2 280
Per Month: R760
Casual Per Day: R48

School meals are breakfast & lunch.
Costs stay the same, whether breakfast is eaten or not.
Preschool receives 10:00 and Aftercare sandwiches.

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